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Threads of Light | time beyond space
Riproduci Video

Threads of Light | time beyond space is the first presentation of the pavilion of light “Journey of Rebirth”, a project created by Interior Design students in Raffles Design Institute (Hong Kong). It comes to the reality after eleven weeks of International Workshop Hong Kong/ Palermo Fluid Cities* with the Polytechnic School of Palermo. The topic of the workshop between two Schools was the light and the sense of identity using this light. Our Interior Design students worked on their own concept and idea, at the end of the process they realised a prototype in the real scale. This project of Pavilion of Light was presented for the first time by the Interior Design Lecturer Manuela Catania at the International Convention “Identity | The Colors of the Project” ** in Ex-Tonnara Florio in Favignana, a small island in Sicily. This experience of the Pavilion of Light was a big challenge for our Interior Design students, they saw their concept become into life

Interior Design students of “Journey of Rebirth”:
Alex Garcia | Jeremy Wai | Joyce Ho
Coordination: Interior Design lecturer Manuela Catania
Location: Nam Sang Wai, Yuen Long, Hong Kong


*The International Workshop Hong Kong/ Palermo Fluid Cities was about urbanism and design between Raffles Design Institute Hong Kong and the Polytechnic School of Palermo. Thanks to Professors Maurizio Carta and Dario Russo to support the collaboration between our students in Hong Kong and in Italy

**This International Convention is organised by 110eLab in collaboration with INBAR | Section of Trapani, it is coordinated by Professor Dario Russo and it is sponsored by the Polytechnic School of Palermo in Italy

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