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"Painting for me is an extension of my soul.

I started painting at the age of five, my mother always said that I was sitting in my room and creating something or painting.

Growing and studying Architecture and Design, led me to explore more the emotional universe of the arts and here we go... I paint the endless movement of the wind, fascinated by its energy, gentle presence and vibration of colours.

I believe that art expands the power of our senses, we live here and now... Feel it!

Each painting celebrates a place that offers me Home and Life, in my paintings I create a dialogue with the wind, light and colours.

Jasmine flowers are dancing inside an Hindu Temple in Bali, some Marigolds flying from the Pink City in Jaipur, some other flowers are touching my skin in Jodhpur and colourful petals dance in the sky in Sicily. Everything is vibration of universal energy, everything is written in the wind.

I invite you to dream and to feel, to be present and to love every single moment of our magical life"

With Love!


a gentle dialogue
with the wind

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