2021 Curator of the Hong Kong Pavilion for the Biennial Countless Cities "People Live Here - A More Human Approach", Farm Cultural Park, Favara, Italy

2020 Coordinator and Instructor of the Online Sustainable Fashion Design Workshop "The Five Senses of The Future", HKUST The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

2020 Guest speaker of the Webinar Handicraft Workshop and Italian Culture for MIA Multiculturalism in Action Project - The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Institute of Future Cities and the Department of Anthropology

2020 Coordination of the Online Sustainable Design Workshop during the lockdown, Creative Isolation with HKUST Center for the Arts and Green Trekker, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, University of Saint Joseph - USJ Creative Industry Macao

2020 Coordination of the Sustainable Design Workshop for Fashion Design, Interior Design, Jewellery Design at Ellen College of Design, Jaipur, India

2019 Coordination of the Sustainable Design Masterclass for Interior Design and Fashion Design at IDeA Worldwide Design College, Bangalore, India

2019 Coordination of the Sustainable Fashion Design Workshop at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HKUST Arts Festival Art and Crisis 2019, Hong Kong

2019 Coordination of the Sustainable Fashion Design Workshop at FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion & Style, Dubai, UAE

2018 Sustainable Art Exhibition visionupia | le pareti di luce, BODW CityProg accredited event, OnTheList, Hong Kong


2018 The Shapes of Dreams Exhibition about Sustainable Fashion Design in collaboration with kids of the Children's House La Rosin in Bali, Workshop Ubud, Indonesia

2018 Coordinator of The Shapes of Dreams Fashion Show, a fashion collection made out by recycled plastic bags in collaboration with kids of the Children's House La Rosin in Bali, Workshop Ubud, Indonesia

2018 Publication of the article "Inhabitants of Lights" on the design magazine 

"Hong Kong | Palermo Fluid Cities" International Workshop, special edition of SiciliaInforma, Palermo, Italy

2018 Publication of the article "Fili di Luce" on the book "Identity the Colors of Project",

for the International Convention organised by 100eLAB, Ex-Tonnara Florio, Favignana,


2017 Coordination of the exhibition Dimensions of Fabric, K11 Art Space, Hong Kong







2017 Participation at the International Convention "Identity the Colors of Project", organised by 110eLAB, Ex-Tonnara Florio, Favignana, Italy

2016 Career Talk at Australian International School, Hong Kong

2016 Certification of Excellence, finalist in the "Reinventing Home Kitchen Design

Contest 2016", Hong Kong

2015 Participation to the graphic design competition "Official logo for the celebrations of

the 150th Anniversary of relations between Japan and Italy"

2014 Special Award Country Selection as Tutor. Headpiece competition with Swarovski & Esmod International Fashion Institutes & University Group

2013 Coordinator at "X'perience Paris Fashion Show" in Esmod Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


2013 Coordinator of Sustainable Workshop "From Plastic bag to the Garment" in  Esmod

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2013 Personal Jewellery Collection Exhibition in Artistar event "L'arte da indossare" Milan Fashion Week, Italy 

2013 Publication of personal jewellery collection on the book "Artistar. L'arte da Indossare" 

Fausto Lupetti Editor, Milan, Italy


2012 Participation to the International Design Competition "To Project for a Kids" XX Design Milan Design Week, Italy

2012 Exhibition of Passion Space at design event "Partire,Tornare,Restare".Architects meet

in Selinunte", Italy

2012 Participation to the Graphic Competition for Shiseido "Make up the wall", Milan, Italy

2012 Visiting professor for Accessories Design and Italian Design at IED European Design Institute São Paulo "A Experiencia IED_Milão.Veneza.São Paulo" , Brazil


2012 Selected for the project in Visual Art workshop at Residência Artística FAAP São Paulo "A project between favelas and city "Where the emotions live", Brazil


2011 Exhibition of Passion Space jewellery with Cool Hunter Italy, Milan Design Week, Italy


2010 Exhibition of Passion Space jewellery at "VestiTI" event coordinated by Giovanni Ottonello, THotel Cagliari, Italy

2009 Participation to the competition for Product Design by Antonio Lupi, Cristalplant Design Contest, Milan Design Week, Italy

2009 Participation to the competition for Interior Design project by Aldo Morelato. 

"I luoghi del riposo Sosta Urbana: Siesta Urbana", Verona, Italy


2008 Workshop with Cartier. The Ruby, Creative Academy, Milan, Italy

2007 Participation to the "Dressing Code Competition" by Deborah make-up packaging Domus Academy, Milan, Italy